Favourite & Interesting Links

I have many favourite websites and the list keeps growing
as I find more new sites which invariably
have their own special links as well.
There are also lots of sites which
I think will interest all members of the family.

They are listed in no particular order.

I have recently discovered a really amazing website alled
"Gizmo's Freeware".
It recommended quite a few good programs that I am already using, here is the link:



Have you ever heard of Linux?
Well I have recently discovered it and I think it is amazing. It can totally replace MS Windows and save you lots of money because it is open source and can be downloaded for FREE.
MS Windows in my opinion is a real rip-off because they keep on updating their software which means you computer keeps going slower and slower and if you update to a newer version you eventually have to fork out for a bigger and faster computer and need to replace lots of your programs with the latest versions so they work properly, and so it goes on and on.
MS Windows is targetted by lots of people with viruses etc because most people are using that operating system.
Linux has a much better file sytem and you do not ever have to defrag the hard drive to keep your system running at a reasonable speed.
Linux is available in hundreds of different DISTROS, that means Distributions. The terminology is very different from MS Windows. However there is lots of information on umpteen websites.
If you are starting from scratch, I would recommend that you get an old PC tower that struggles to run Microsoft XP and revitalise it by installing UBUNTU which is one of the most popular distros. When you initially instal it, it pays to have it connected to the Internet by an Ethernet connection. This will make it easier for you to make your initial installation. It can run on a wireless connection but it will pay to try that after you have found out how everything works.
Here is a link to get you started:
and there are regular updates to the associated software as well.

Here I am  going to list some of the sites that deal with

The Unexplained,
Psychic Interests and ones Mind, Body & Soul

I have discovered a really amazing Psychic who was born in 1936, she is called Sylvia Browne.  Her first book that I read was called 'Psychic Children', I found it so fascinating that I keep on reordering other titles, I have read over a dozen different volumes.
Her books are packed full of amazing revellations and I am sure I will have to re-read some of them to try to take it all in.

Sylvia is predicting that Atlantis will be reappearing
by about 2026.
Her website is www.sylvia.org

I have recently read two of Betty Shine's Books, I found them absolutely amazing. I have now found that her daughter is running a website continuing her mothers work, as Betty passed away in 2002. There is a downloadable selection from many of the books, I have only just found this but I am sure it will be well worth reading, it is referred to as "Passages". Here is the link:

A few of years ago I used to listen regularly to The Unexplained with Howard Hughes on TalkSPORT radio, then the programme suddenly disappeared without any explanation. It was a wonderful interesting programme and I was really missing it. I have only recently found the presenter's website which has been up and running for well over 12 months. During that time he has prepared some really interesting podcasts. The website has recently been redesigned and things are really taking off.
Check it out HERE 

In one of the original radio broadcasts the subject of The Philadelphia Experiment(also sometimes called Project Rainbow) was covered. There is a fantastic amount of information on this subject available on the Internet.
On this site you will find part one of an amazing report
To read part 2 just add a 2 into the last bit of the URL in your browser window
thus ..../phila2.htm then insert a 3 in the same way to get the third and final page.
You will find more information on this subject HERE

If you want to find out more just search Google for The Philadelphia Experimiment

Here is a fantastic site, where you can post messages and check up on all sorts of things which are environmentally friendly. It is a community of people who value the planet and like to do things for themselves. There is a vast amount of information, especially in the archives. If you want to find out something then just post a message and you will soon get a response. Recipes, Grow your Own, Crafts, Knitting, Make your Own, Chat, Computers, lists of useful software, Environmental Issues, the list is endless.
It will take a while to find your way round, but it is really worth the effort.

A really interesting site especially if you are interested in old vehicles. It will keep you informed about the latest things that occured at The Chasewater Transport Show. It gets better every year plus it raises lots of money for Charities.
Transport Show

I found this really useful site well over 3 years ago. It is FREE to use although you have to register, it gives the latest petrol prices at petrol stations all over the country you just enter a post code. They will email you weekly with your local ones if you want, you can visit the site anytime to get the latest updates. The AA used to do something similar a few years ago but this site is much better. I REGULARLY SAVE AT LEAST A POUND on a tank of petrol by not using my original supermarket. I now always use it to plan where I am next going to fill up. Especially now the prices are starting to rocket up again.

Petrol & Diesel Prices

This is a really useful site. You can check the authenticity of suspect emails to see if they are genuine or a hoax
Hoax Bust

I am interested in Woodturning and joined an excellent local group. They are a friendly crowd and their experience is very wide. Beginners are made very welcome.
Cannock Chase Turners

Find an alternative telephone number rather than pay through the nose with an 0870 one, this is a brilliant site.

With fuel prices escalating since the fiasco of the dodgy fuel at supermarkets there are other options. HERE you can find out a considerable amount of useful information, how to make fuel in your kitchen!! It is a very comprehensive site, there are lots of other topics there as well. There are even proposals to simplify or even abolish fuel tax for smaller producers, read more HERE.

This is an amazing place, situated near to Evesham. It was recently featured in the Saga Magazine. It is a nursery specialising in perennials. We visited it a few years ago and last year tried to find it again from memory. We got quite close but failed. Next time we will print out the directions from their website!! There are many interesting links on this site as well.
Cotswold Garden Flowers

This is our nearest Orchid Society, they are a really friendly group and have lots of members with useful expertise at their fingertips which they will gladly share with other members.
New members are always welcome.
Two of our members have had a fantastic write up in a local magazine, sadly now the gentleman has passed away
to read all about them.

 New Dates for your diary for 2014

  Central Orchid Society  


Now here is a really amazing orchid project run by a school, they were recently featured on a BBC TV program reporting on an RHS Show. Their display was awarded a Silver Gilt.
I think they are well worth supporting.
They are also working in conjuction with the Eden Project.
Orchid Project

Fuchsias are lovely plants, pity they are not fragrant, but they make up for it in their variety of colours and wonderful flowers which usually are so easy to grow and propogate.

The British Fuchsia Society

A really useful site especially if you are trying to find a particular variety of fuchsia. It will locate suppliers for you. It also gives basic information for most varieties and also photos of some.
Find That Fuchsia

  An interesting standard gauge railway run by enthusiasts with diesel and real steam engines
(check on the website for more details and timetable)
Chasewater Railway

An animal rescue centre which actually operates 24/7 in the West Country.
Well worth a visit, but they are only open to the public on certain weekends,
usually at Bank Holidays. Some other Open Days are listed on their ordinary website. They rescue all sorts of wild animals but their speciality is Badgers.
Their Easter Open Days usually feature lots of lovely baby badgers.

Interesting information on our nocturnal friends

If you have used items to get rid of this is a different way of recycling, you will have to join your local group but it is FREE.
Help the Planet

  Now this is a really unusual way of recycling books
Details here

Can you spare time to give 8 clicks every day?
Then you can help eight good causes. Start by going to this site and clicking on the large gold button.
Then click on the other tabs at the top of the page which will take you to similar linked pages supporting the other causes and click on those large buttons as well.

Explore this site, there is a lot to find relating to times and dates all over the world. Print out your own calendar. There is a very useful facility for finding out how to dial an international telephone number, it takes a bit of finding. You can put in the persons local number and it will convert it to the required International Number. You can check the best times to call, really useful if they live say in Australia.
Really Useful Info

An excellent site which I have been visiting for a few years now, it has recently had a lot good of publicity in the media. There is a wealth of ideas for saving money, it is regularly updated so well worth visiting again and again. It has so much information you won't be able to take it all in on your first visit.
Money Saving Expert

Another easy to use site which can help you save money on Utility Bills, Credit Cards etc
Save Money

An amazing site to convert virtually any figures for weights, measures, temperatures etc etc.
Give it a whirl.
Convert Anything

   This is a fascinating place in Mid Wales which we have visited on a few occasions,
built in an old quarry with an amazing water powered cliff railway which takes visitors from the car park up to the visitor centre and main site. They sell a very wide range of items at their On Site Shop, many of which can also be ordered over the internet.
Centre for Alternative Technology


Jump House Food Dolls Dolls 2
Prem Hints ???? Dolls 3 Science
Game Perfume Get Fit Bargains Reverse
Tricks Worms!!

Enhance your chances of winning an eBay auction by using Auction Sniper. I always use it to place my bids, you have complete control as you can set your maximum bid. I do not add bids in the early stages and then have to bid against myself to try to get a winning bid. The Auction Sniper when set to bid on my behalf will place just ONE BID in the last few seconds of an auction automatically. You do not need to be at, or have your computer switched on. Use this link to find out more about it but please use this link if you decide to sign up. You will get THREE FREE SNIPES and I will also get the same. Thank You.

Try out the link below to the weather site which is also on my homepage, there is a fantastic amount of information there.
You might even find your own house on the map feature if you zoom in carefully.
You could possibly also find an independant weather site close to where you live which will be updated every minute with readings taken about 20 minutes earlier, and will give you day and night weather forcasts for the coming week, really useful if you are interested in gardening and need warnings about frost. Phases of the moon are also shown and there is also a link which shows the current view of the stars and constellations.

Click for Birmingham, United Kingdom Forecast

That's all for now, I will be adding more links and updating on a regular basis

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You can find lots of information on the site before you download.

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