We will be showing pictures of work produced by members here.
The illustrations will be added to or changed on a regular basis.

This lovely compact fully functional spinning wheel is a copy of one that was originally
produced by Ged for someone to use in their caravan during their travels.
It is approximately 29" high overall.

This is a view of the reverse

This here is a close-up of the works. It was turned from oak.
Note that the main wheel sits in a slot on the base plate to help keep the whole unit compact.

This lovely table was produced by Gil

An assortment of Treen showing how even the smallest piece of wood can be used to produce a decorative object or something that is really functional. There are keyrings on the left, handles for use with plastic bags at the front and also a honey dibber, together with a wide selection of goblets and boxes.
All produced by Ged. 

Updated 17/8/2008

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