January 13 Adam Stephens (p)
Febuary 10 AGM
March 9 Steve Heeley (p)
April 13 Quentin Smith (p)
May 11 Dawn Hopley (p)
June 8 Steve White (p)
July 13 Bob Neil (p)
August 10 Hands on Night 
September 14 John Johnson (p)
October 12 David Hanlon (p)
November 9 Hands on Night
December 14 Rob Till (p)
       January 11 Hands on Night

Any changes will usually be added very soon.

Many of our Demonstrators do have really interesting Websites

put their full name plus woodturner into Google to search and you will find many various websites.

for information only

August Tracy Owen (p) - 'Vacuum Chucking'
September Alan Truman (p) - 'Heart Shaped Bowls plus'
October Dave Hanlon (p) - 'Make More'
November Graham Lovett (a local turner) - 'Surprise, Surprise'
December Steve Heeley (p)  - 'Something Special'
January Ken Allen (p)
February Hands on Night
March Ivan Pedley (a local turner)
April Mark and Liza Raby - Colouring, Finishing & Pyrography
May Hands on Night
June Ann Hayes (p) - Chairs & Steam Bending
July 8 Mark Hancock (p)
August 12 Ray Jones (p)
September 9 Tracy Owen (p)
October 14 Hands on Night
November 11 Steve Heeley (p)
December 9 Ivan Pedley (a local turner)
January 13 Hands on Night
February 10 David Hanlon (p)
March 10 Graham Lovett (p)
April 14 Steve Heeley (p)
May 12 Ray Jones (p)
June 9 Dave Hargreaves (p) (Upholsterer)
July 14 Tracy Owen (p)
August 11 Hands on Night
September 8 Alan Truman (p)
October 13 Gerry Marlow (p)
November 10 Ivan Pedley (a Local Turner)
December 8 Bob Saunders (a Local Turner)
January 12 Gil Clarke (a Local Turner)
February 9 Hands on Night
March 9 Keith Lanchester (p)
April 13 David Hanlon (p)
May 11 Hands on Night
June 8 Ray Jones (p)
July 13 Chris Eagles (p)
August 10 Hands on Night plus Bring & Buy
September 14 Mick Hanbury (p)
October 12 Gerry Marlow (p)
November 9 Ivan Pedley (A Local Turner)
December 14 Steve Heeley (p) 
January 11 Hands on Night
February 8 Richard Findlay (p)
March 14 Ray Jones (p)
April 11 Mark Hancock (p)
May 9 John Berkeley (p)
June 13 Mark Raby (p)
July 11 John Johnson (p)
August 8 Simon Hope (p)
September 12 Hands on Night
October 10 Gil Clarke (a Local Turner)
November 14 Ivan Pedley (a Local Turner)
December 12 Steve Heeley (p)
January 9 Hands on Night
February 13 Gerry Marlow (p)
March 13 Tony Wilson (p)
April 10 Martin Lawrence (p)
May 8 Joey Richardson (p)
June 12 Hands on Night
July 10 Paul Jones (p)
August 14 Mick Hanbury (p)
September 11 Paul Hannaby (p)
October 9 Hands on Night
November 13 Margaret Garrard (p)
December 11 Steve Heeley (p)
January 8 Hands on Night
February 12 Pete Moncrieff-Jury (p)
March 12 Keith Fenton(p)
April 9 Mick Hanbury (p)
May 14 Gerry Marlow (p)
June 11 Hands on Night
July 9 Paul Ballamy (p)
August 13 Robert Bishop (p)
September 10 Hands on Night
October 9 Nick Arnull (p)
November 12 Sue Harker (p)
January 14 Hands on Night
February 11 Ivan Pedley (a local turner)
March 11 John Johnson (p)
April 8 Mark Hancock (p)
May 13 Robin Barlow (p)
June 10 Stan Bryan (p)
July 8 Paul Bellamy (p)
August 12 Someone else worked
September 9 Colin Fishwick (p)
October 14 Phil Irons (p)
November 11 Hands on Night
December 9 Steve Heeley (p)

(p) Professional Turner

Programme was correct when published but could be subject to change.
to check or for further information please contact the Secretary:
Gloria Ferriday
, telephone: 01543 274221

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